Puss-Tea is a feminine wellness brand dedicated to making small batch, non toxic, no BS feminine products that help with  problems that we as women experience. 

Puss-Tea was developed in hopes to open young women’s eyes to effective natural remedies. When you are consistently taking pain medications your body eventually builds a tolerance making them way less effective. The best part about Puss-Tea is that it’s all natural and can be consumed again and again to improve and eventually erase your period pains by helping to tone your uterus!  After studying the healing powers of herbs I succeeded in creating a tea blend to not only eradicate cramps but to also tone your uterus to continue to relieve and reduce pain over time. Puss-Tea allows women and girls alike to carry on with their lives during their period while completely eradicating the distracting pain of cramps, PMS and bloating.


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