I’m Asia! I am a first time mama, herb enthusiast,  and the creator of Puss-Tea. I help women to continue their lives during that time of the month and beyond with my teas and herbal products.


After taking medications for years to ease period pain I was tired of feeling super sluggish and it was no longer helpful in soothing my pain. I wanted to create something that would help other women avoid going through what I had to. After carefully selecting the herbs used I succeeded in creating a tea blend to not only *eradicate cramps but that will also tone your uterus to continue to relieve and reduce pain over time. Puss-Tea is  thoughtfully hand blended, and packaged in small batches crafted with women in mind. 


Too often do women have to suffer through the first few days of their cycle due to excruciating cramps or severe PMS. Missing out on life, work, and social events is a thing of the past.

Go out and "Pop That Puss-Tea"

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